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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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71. It is recommended that CSC through the I.P.S.O.s conduct an annual review of stock in the armories to ensure that security equipment meets the current standards and that any items not meeting the standards are removed.


Within CSC's institutions it is the Security Maintenance Officer (SMO), rather than the Institutional Preventive Security Officer (IPSO), who is responsible for the control and maintenance of security equipment.

The Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) on Security Equipment requires that the institutional head establish procedures for annual equipment inspections and inventories. The Security Maintenance Officer maintains perpetual inventory records of all security equipment including chemical agents and inflammatory sprays.

The SOP further requires that on an annual basis, at the end of each fiscal year, that the inventory records are forwarded for review to the Regional Deputy Commissioners.

This process of inventory and review provides assurance that the only items in stock in the armories are consistent with current standards cited in the Scale of Issue.