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Recommendations Of The Coroner's Inquest Into The Death Of Robert Gentles

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72. It is recommended that CSC investigate the possibility of requiring inmates in certain cell settings (i.e. open-faced cells) to use headphones for their stereos and televisions.


CSC policy is to allow inmates to purchase stereos and television sets for use in their cells. While many offenders regularly use headphones for these items, CSC does not feel that it is necessary to make their purchase mandatory as such would result in additional costs for those offenders in institutions with open-faced cells. In addition this requirement would create problems when offenders are transferred from one type of institution to another. Moreover, in situations where offenders are intent on creating a disturbance through loud noise, the headphones would be ineffective, as they would merely be pulled out.

CSC is of the opinion that existing policy is sufficient to deal with routine problems caused by offenders playing music loud enough to disturb others upon the range. Commissioner's Directive 090 "Personal Property of Inmates" provides that inmates may have these items confiscated if they are used in a manner, which may jeopardize the security of the institution. In addition, institutional heads may impose other special conditions on the use of these items.

CSC's preference in this issue would be to have the offenders take responsibility for the proper and respectful use of televisions and stereos.

Regardless of the above, CSC's Security Task Force will re-examine the issue to determine the practicality and cost implications of implementing such a practice.