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Human Rights In Community Corrections

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Correctional Service of Canada - National Headquarters

Allard, Pierre - A/Assistant Commissioner Correctional Operations and Programs

Beane, Millard - Aboriginal Issues

Blondin-Roy, Nicole - Employment Equity

Couillard, Denis - Policy

Davidson, Jim - Director General, Consultation

Deurloo, Bran - Director, Accountability

Ingstrup, Ole - Commissioner

Johnston, Mike - Director, Inmate Affairs

Kobernick, Carolyn - Senior Counsel, Legal Services

Lagacé, France - Assistant Commissioner, Communications

McClung, Lucie - Senior Deputy Commissioner

McVie, Fraser - Director General, Strategic Planning and Policy

Méthé, Denis - Director General, Programs and Integration

Plante, Denyse - Director, Staff Training and Development

Rama, John - Assistant Commissioner, Personnel and Training

Redmond, Kristi - Consultation

Roy, Michel - Assistant Commissioner Corporate Development

St-Onge, Pierre - Reintegration

Stableforth, Nancy - Deputy Commissioner for Women

Staubi, Bill - Director, Reintegration

Thurber, Arden - Director General, Program Accreditation

Tobin, Richard - Director General, Offender Affairs

Vantour, Jim - Director, Investigations

Whiteduck, Gina - Director General, Aboriginal Issue

Wilson, Steve - Director, Audits


In each region, the Working Group met with District Directors, Directors of CCC's and CRF's, parole officers, USGE representatives, local CAC members, victim liaison coordinators, offenders, and NGO representatives.


Hart House CRF (John Howard Society)

Island View House CCC

Saint John Parole Office


Carrefour Nouveau Monde

Intensive Supervision Team

Langelier Area Parole Office

Montreal Metropolitan Parole Office

Olgilvy CCC

Résidence émmanuel Grégroire CRF


Central Ontario District Office

Community Assessment Team

Keel CCC

Team Supervision Unit

Women Offenders Unit


Alberta North/N.W.T. District Parole Office - Edmonton

Elpida House CRF (Catholic Social Services)

Stan Daniels CCC


Harbour Light CRF (Salvation Army)

Temporary Detention Unit and Community Corrections Relapse Unit

Vancouver Area Parole Office


Collette, Renée - Executive Director, National Parole Board

de Villiers, Priscilla - CAVEAT

Gibbs, Willie - Chairperson, National Parole Board

McIssac, Edward - Executive Director, Correctional Investigator's Office

National Advisory Committee on Persons with Disabilities

National Citizen Advisory Committee

National Community Corrections Council

Pate, Kim - Executive Director, CAEFS

Reid, Don - USGE

White, Elizabeth - St. Leonard's Society