Restorative Justice Week 2017


Every year, the Restorative Justice (RJ) Unit works collaboratively with community partners to develop a variety of resources to be shared with individuals and communities around the world.

Included below are general resources meant to inspire and assist those who plan to promote and celebrate RJ Week. #RJWeek. Please click on the corresponding links for printable versions.


The bilingual RJ Week poster (PDF) is yours to advertise the week within your community. The poster includes blank/modifiable fields where you can add information about a sub-theme or a particular event.

Letterhead / Web Header Graphic

Feel free to use the RJ Week 2017 Letterhead (DOC) or Web Header Graphic (JPG) in any correspondence, web pages, marketing, etc.

Basic Resource Kit

The bilingual basic resource kit includes articles about RJ and personal stories written by victims, offenders, community members, RJ practitioners, and criminal justice partners. The kit also includes recent news and developments in the RJ field and a list of books, articles, videos, and online resources related to RJ. The basic resource kit will be available in September.