Performance Assurance

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Performance Assurance


Evaluation Report: The Evaluation of the Impact of Uniforms in Women Offender Facilities

Escorted Temporary Absences


The Women Offender Sector initiated a review of reintegration activities in women's institutions and the community. The first report, in September 2006, targeted a number of key areas including a strong focus on Escorted Temporary Absences. A specific review of issues impacting personal development and family related ETAs has commenced. (Due date May 31, 2007).


Communication, Trust and Respect


These are essential elements that are part of the foundation of Creating Choices and the approach to women's corrections. Modifications are already underway to the Correctional Officer Training Program (CTP) that will further address training and skill development needs of Primary Workers, with an increased focus on communication, problem solving and effective interaction with offenders. The new version of CTP is anticipated by September 2007. This increased attention will further prepare staff to interact with women offenders.


Further, the eight-day women-centred training component is being revised to include increased attention on practical skills and intervention techniques that are reflective of women-centred training theories and principles. The one day refresher training for women-centred training is being updated to reflect the new version (September 2007).



Communications Theme


A specific communications plan needs to be developed for the following key groups to coincide with the release of this report: the Union , staff and Wardens at women's facilities, Citizen Advisory Committees, the Office of the Correctional Investigator and other key stakeholders. (Due Date February 28, 2007)