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Policy number and title:


Why will the policy be changed?

This Commissioner’s Directive (CD) dated December 1994 is currently being updated and revised in order to comply with the recommendations of the Policy Review Task Force regarding format and structure; as well as to clarify roles and responsibilities.

The CD will make reference to relevant Guidelines, including the CSC Psychological Services Manual, in response to a recommendation of a Board of Investigation.

What will be changed?

The changes to the CD will include a link to the CSC Psychological Services Manual. The Manual is a resource that provides ongoing guidance to CSC psychologists regarding specific tasks, areas of specialized practice, and promotes the standardization of practice. It is also used to facilitate the orientation of psychologists that are new to CSC, and psychology graduate students participating in internship programs. The first version of the Manual was made available on a shared Y: drive in December 2009.

Although plans are in place for the posting of a new and updated version of the Manual on the InfoNet, in the interim, staff who wish to access the relevant Y drive folder or who have general questions may contact Dominique Gervais at Dominique.Gervais@CSC-SCC.GC.CA. The Table of Contents for the CSC Psychological Services Manual has been posted on the CSC InfoNet (Health Services/Mental Health page).

How will the amended CD be developed?

The CD is being amended in collaboration with the Strategic Policy Division, the National Psychology Management Group and the National Policy Review Team.

Who will be affected by the policy?

Individuals providing psychological services to offenders.

Expected cost?

None identified.

Other impacts?

None identified.


Jennifer Wheatley
Director General, Mental Health Branch

Original signed by:

Nancy Stableforth
Assistant Commissioner
Health Services