Victim Notification

Did you know?

You can provide information about an offender to CSC anonymously by calling 1-866-780-3784 any time of the day or night.

The Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA) includes a list of what information can be disclosed. This information includes:

  • the offender’s name;
  • the offence of which the offender was convicted and the court that convicted the offender;
  • the start date and length of the sentence that the offender is serving; and
  • the offender’s eligibility dates and review dates for temporary absences or parole.

Victims may request other types of information that CSC has available if it has been deemed that the victim's interest in receiving it outweighs the need to protect the offender's privacy. In most cases this information is provided to victims.

This information may include:

  • the offender's age;
  • whether the offender is in custody and, if not, why;
  • the name and location of the institution where the offender is being held;
  • information about an offender transferring from one institution to another;
  • information about the programs in which the offender is participating or has participated;
  • the serious disciplinary offences committed by the offender;
  • the reasons for any temporary absence;
  • the date of a Parole Board of Canada hearing about detaining the offender past the end of his or her sentence;
  • information about an offender's progress in relation to his or her correctional plan;
  • the date when an offender has been removed from Canada by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA);
  • the offender's release date, destination and conditions of release 14 days prior to the release unless the disclosure would have a negative impact on public safety;
  • a current photo of the offender prior to certain releases or the offender's warrant expiry date;
  • copies of PBC decisions, when requested; and
  • information about CSC's victim-mediation services.

Providing Information to CSC

Information from victims contributes to the correctional and conditional release process. Victim statements are considered along with other factors when CSC makes decisions about temporary absences, travel permits or work releases, an offender's programming needs, risk level and security level.

These statements are also shared with PBC. The PBC considers victim statements in decisions they make about the offender's conditional release.

When a victim provides CSC and/or PBC with a Victim Statement and certain requested conditions set out in the statement are not imposed by CSC and/or PBC, a written response will be provided to the victim outlining the reasons for the decision.