2012 Taylor Award Regional Nominees

2012 Taylor Award Recipient


Ontario Region's 2012 Taylor Award nominee, Eleanor Wilson

Congratulations to the Ontario Region's 2012 Taylor Award nominee, Eleanor Wilson!

Since 1998, Eleanor has been volunteering at Fenbrook Institution working with inmates to produce items for those less fortunate. The inmates sew and knit various items that are donated not only to people in the Muskoka region, Barrie and Toronto, but also Nunavut, Nicaragua Panmissions, the Dominican Republic, as well as the Haitian Relief Project. Eleanor also collects donations of all the materials and equipment required to make the much needed items. This program gives offenders a sense of giving back and purpose while serving time. She is an example of tireless commitment, and is a well-known and loved fixture in the institution. She is an exemplary role model and has not only impacted the lives of the offenders she works with, but the various communities at large that receive the donated items as well.

2012 Taylor Award Regional Nominees


Pacific Region's 2012 Taylor Award nominees, Dr. Calvin and Alice Chambers

Congratulations to the Pacific Region's 2012 Taylor Award nominees, Dr. Calvin and Alice Chambers!

Cal and Alice Chambers have demonstrated compassion toward men and women in institutions for over 45 years. Recognizing the need for positive volunteer involvement to help offenders become law-abiding citizens and positive contributors to their communities, Cal co-founded the M2W2 Association – Restorative Christian Ministries for the Pacific Region in 1966. Since then, he and Alice have been actively volunteering in CSC's institutions and been matched with more than seven inmates.

Cal and Alice have a gentle spirit, which expresses itself in humility and a willingness to think of others first. Their dedication and faithfulness exemplifies kindness and loyalty in assisting offenders with their journey. The growth of the M2W2 Association is a testament to their ability to work with and inspire others. The Christian-based agency has grown tremendously and continues to do so due to the creativity, cooperation and hard work exemplified by Cal and Alice Chambers.


Prairie Region's 2012 Taylor Award nominee, Irving Leland

Congratulations to the Prairie Region's 2012 Taylor Award nominee, Irving Leland!

Irving has been an active CSC Chapel Volunteer at Riverbend Institution for over 45 years. He faithfully visits the institution twice a week, leading offenders in Bible studies and escorting them to church. Irving has often been described as humble, yet he is greatly valued and respected within his own community of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and by the management, staff and inmates at Riverbend. Irving exemplifies the spirit of dedication and commitment in serving humanity.


Quebec Region's 2012 Taylor Award nominee, Pierre Jodoin

Congratulations to the Quebec Region's 2012 Taylor Award nominee, Pierre Jodoin!

Pierre has been volunteering with CSC since 1999. For nearly 14 years, he has been a member of the Alcoholics Anonymous sobriety fellowship at the Federal Training Centre, Cowansville and Montée St.-François Institutions. His commitment and sense of humanity are the two main qualities that characterize his volunteer work within the organization. Pierre shows judgement, discretion, and unwavering generosity in his interactions with both staff and offenders, and is respected by the entire corrections community. He also demonstrates sympathy, accountability and unconditional acceptance of others. His diverse life experiences, coupled with his dedication to volunteer activities – past and present – make him an invaluable asset to the organization.


Atlantic Region's 2012 Taylor Award nominee, Dr. Joyce Ross

Congratulations to the Atlantic Region's 2012 Taylor Award nominee, Dr. Joyce Ross!

In 1982, Joyce founded the East Preston Ministry Team, a community-based ministry team that has volunteered in numerous federal and provincial institutions in the Atlantic region. The team was created with a mission of showing compassion and reaching out to those in need.

The faithful and dedicated team leads a worship service every month for offenders at Nova Institution for Women and is embraced by institutional chaplains, staff and offenders.

Joyce is one of the driving forces of the ministry team and is recognized as a leader within her church and community. The many years she has dedicated to volunteer work in Chaplaincy, both in our institutions and communities, have greatly contributed to the safe reintegration of offenders.

Joyce has been instrumental in helping offenders believe in their potential of becoming law-abiding citizens.