2013 Taylor Award Regional Nominees

2013 Taylor Award Recipient


Congratulations to the Pacific Region 2013 Taylor Award nominees, Dr. Calvin Chambers and Mrs. Alice Chambers!

Pacific Region 2013 Taylor Award nominees, Dr. Calvin Chambers and Mrs. Alice Chambers

Dr. Calvin Chambers and Mrs. Alice Chambers have demonstrated compassion for, support of, and keen interest in men and women in prison for over 45 years. Recognizing the need for positive volunteer involvement to assist and encourage those in prison in becoming social, law-abiding citizens and positive contributors, Cal co-founded the M2/W2 organization for the Pacific Region in 1966. Since then, he and his wife Alice have been actively volunteering in CSC’s institutions and have been matched with more than seven inmates.

Cal and Alice are described as having a gentle spirit which expresses itself in humility and a willingness to think of others first. Their dedication and faithfulness exemplifies compassion and loyalty in assisting offenders with their journeys. The growth of the M2/W2 organization is a testament to Cal and Alice’s ability to work with and inspire others. The Christian-based agency has grown tremendously and continues to do so due to the creativity, cooperation and hard work exemplified by Cal and Alice Chambers.

The Correctional Service of Canada sadly notes the death of Dr. Calvin Chambers.  Dr. Chambers passed away on March 12, 2014.  He will be missed not only by his beloved wife Alice, but by the extended family and community he was proud to serve. 

2013 Taylor Award Regional Nominees


Congratulations to the Prairie Region 2013 Taylor Award nominee, Sister Josephine Pollentes!

Prairies Region 2013 Taylor Award nominee, Sister Josephine Pollentes

Sister Josephina (Josephine Pollentes) was nominated by Pê Sâkâstêw Centre for her work with the Owîcîyîsîwak (minimum-security male offenders). She facilitates on-site Bible studies and provides one-on-one counselling for emotional and grief issues, as well as serving as a non-security escort.

Sister Josephina has a background in psychiatric nursing and worked with geriatrics and young offenders prior to her entering the convent in 1996. In 1999, Sister Josephina was asked by her archdiocese to come to Hobbema, Alberta (now Maskwacîs, Alberta) to lend guidance and support to the local community. She was intrigued to learn of the minimum security federal institution in the area, and indicates that for several years prior to her volunteer involvement she prayed for the individuals who were incarcerated at Pê Sâkâstêw Centre. Sister Josephina had spent most of her adult life working with troubled people and states she has always been "drawn to people who are falling into the cracks".

The compassion and humanity Sister Josephina brings to her work is described as “infectious”. She has recruited non-security escort volunteers for the centre and has facilitated a paid work release opportunity for an offender at Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Church. Over the years, Sister Josephina has also coordinated Owîcîyîsîwak participation in the annual Lac St. Anne Pilgrimage, the largest and one of the most unique spiritual gatherings for Aboriginal peoples in North America. Sr. Josephine Pollentes is from the Philippines and continues to conduct Missions of Divine Mercy within Canada, Philippines, and Poland.


Congratulations to the Ontario Region 2013 Taylor Award nominee, Mr. Wesley Devon Oakley!

Ontario Region 2013 Taylor Award nominee, Mr. Wesley Devon Oakley

In 2010, Wesley came to Grand Valley Institution (GVI) as a chaplaincy volunteer. In this role, he works with the offenders one-on-one as a pro-social male role model, offering spiritual guidance and moral encouragement. In addition, he provides the offenders Bible study opportunities. He has since expanded his level of volunteerism to become a mentor and supports the members of the GVI Black Women of Diversity Group by attending their bi-weekly meetings. In addition, as an Elder in his church he has organized donations to assist the offenders with their cultural events.

While volunteering at GVI, Wesley took the non-security escort training. He regularly volunteers to take offenders on escorted temporary absences for family, personal development and compassionate reasons. Wesley recognizes the importance of offenders having community support and maintaining family contact while incarcerated. Additionally, Wesley can always be counted on to assist at large functions held at GVI, including family socials and other large cultural events.

Wesley has also taken a leadership role by providing transportation to other volunteers who would otherwise not be able to dedicate their time as a volunteer to the organization.

Wesley has the ability to make each offender feel welcomed and valued. He brings with him calmness, a sense of humour and a non-judgemental attitude when dealing with offenders at GVI.


Congratulations to the Quebec Region 2013 Taylor Award nominee, Ms. Nicole Rouillier!

Quebec Region 2013 Taylor Award nominee, Ms. Nicole Rouillier

Described by many as having a truly "quiet strength," Nicole has been active with CSC for more than 15 years. Among other activities, she accompanies inmates during their releases into the community and participates in the activities of the Association de rencontres culturelles avec les détenus which brings her to various institutions, including Montée St-François, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines and the Federal Training Centre.

In addition to being a resource person who is highly regarded by the inmates, she is outstanding in her capacity for listening, and her respect, openness, advice and great discretion. The stability of her commitment makes a difference, because those she accompanies have rarely had the opportunity to establish significant relationships. In addition to the assistance she offers to the various resources in the community, she has forged important ties with them. The quality of her commitment and her contribution to reintegration makes her a trusted volunteer for CSC.


Congratulations to the Atlantic Region 2013 Taylor Award nominee, Dr. Joyce Ross!

Atlantic Region 2013 Taylor Award nominee, Dr. Joyce Ross

Upon her retirement from the East Preston Day Care Centre, where she served for 35 years as director, Joyce enrolled at Acadia Divinity College, where she received her Bachelor of Theology, Prison Ministry and the Christian Foundation Diplomas. Joyce strongly believes learning is a life-long process.

Joyce has taught Sunday school for over 56 years. She has served on many church, community, provincial and national boards, including the East Preston United Baptist Church (EPUBC), the Baptist Young People Union (BYPU) and the African United Baptist Association (AUBA), occupying such positions as Finance Chair and Building Fund Treasurer, member of the Church Council, President of the Ladies Auxiliary, and Co-ordinator of Prison Ministry.

Joyce has received many awards for her outstanding service within the local and surrounding communities.