2015 Taylor Award Regional Nominees

Pacific Region

Brian Hill - Pacific Region 2015 Taylor Award Nominee

Brian Hill

Brian has been a passionate and dedicated volunteer with the Correctional Service of Canada since 2008. He began by providing services to offenders attending substance abuse programs, and then moved on to helping with non-security offender escorts. He quickly started taking on more responsibility, assuming the role of Regional Coordinator for the program to ensure the needs of offenders were being met at all sites.

As a retired member of the Vancouver Police Department, Brian has developed very positive relationships with staff, offenders and various other community support groups. He believes that giving back to the community has broadened his knowledge and experienced-based training. His positive nature and devotion to this cause has helped him assist offenders through Parole Board hearings, support groups, and university level criminology class presentations. He also connects with groups in the restorative justice field in an effort to help foster opportunities for offenders to rehabilitate.

For Brian, helping offenders through the criminal process has become his niche in life, and he considers his work a gift, which is one that he cherishes greatly.

Congratulations to the Pacific Region Taylor Award Nominee.

Prairie Region

Alex W. Bouchard

Alex W. Bouchard  - Prairie Region 2015 Taylor Award Nominee

Alex Bouchard started his volunteer service with CSC over 10 years ago as a chapel volunteer at Saskatchewan Penitentiary. He quickly recognized the need for ongoing addiction support in the institution and was instrumental in re-establishing a 12-step self-help program to provide a caring environment for offenders dealing with alcoholism. He has faithfully supported the program ever since; regularly attending sessions to share his knowledge and compassion, recruiting program volunteers, facilitating donations of resource materials and planning a yearly recognition event which attracts considerable community attendance.

Alex’s devotion and enthusiasm is limitless and it is not bound by prison walls. He also serves as non-security escort providing inmates with opportunities to earn support for release and frequently connects released offenders with addiction supports in his own community as well as others. Alex personally acts as a transitional support for released offenders; talking with them on the phone and speaking with their families to help them understand the disease of alcoholism.

His personal integrity and excellent rapport with inmates did not go unnoticed for long, and in 2011 Mr. Bouchard was appointed to the Prince Albert Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). Alex is an enthusiastic CAC member and often accompanies the Warden during rounds of the Saskatchewan Penitentiary and segregation areas. He is an exemplar role model for not only the inmates; but staff and other volunteers as well. Warden Jason Hope states, "Alex exudes genuine caring and kindness to both inmates and staff that he may encounter while carrying out his volunteer commitment at the Penitentiary."

True to his nature, Alex’s volunteer contributions extend beyond CSC. He is a former Salvation Army volunteer and is very active with the Knights of Columbus, the Prince Albert Multi Cultural Council, and several church committees.

Congratulations to the Prairie Region Taylor Award Nominee.

Quebec Region

Anissa Kherrati

Anissa Kherrati - Quebec Region 2015 Taylor Award Nominee

As Chair of the Regional Ethnocultural Advisory Committee (REAC), Anissa Kherrati is committed to the safe reintegration of offenders into the community. An economist by training, who also has a specialization in business administration from the École des Hautes études commerciales (HEC) in Montreal, Ms. Kherrati has nearly 18 years of experience in both private and social economy enterprises. She has been a CSC volunteer for six years as a member of the REAC.

Ms. Kherrati is devoted to community, and believes volunteering with offenders is essential to better understanding correctional issues and life. In addition to participating in a choir that travels to prisons for special events, she has delivered a number of workshops to offenders on starting a business. Ms. Kherrati believes that each of these sessions with offenders is an opportunity to encourage them to take control of their lives and become citizens who contribute to community well being.

Since her volunteer work at CSC is also related to her professional involvement as a business advisor, Ms. Kherrati believes it is important for CSC to have professional volunteers to assist in expanding the services provided to offenders, while supporting CSC in developing ethnocultural expertise.

Whatever her commitment, her motivation remains the same: "We need to find a way to spark something in detainees. For me, it is not important to know what they did; I am more interested in what they can do to avoid returning to prison. Once they have a goal, we can offer them the conditions they need to succeed."

Congratulations to the Quebec Region Taylor Award Nominee.

Atlantic Region

Rev. Dr. Joyce Ross CM

Rev. Dr. Joyce Ross CM  - Atlantic Region 2015 Taylor Award Nominee

Dr. Ross believes strongly learning to be a life-long process, which she has demonstrated in her widespread academic pursuits and desire to her community grow.

Dr. Ross attended Mount St. Vincent University as a mature student, receiving her Diploma in Early Child Education in 1976. She subsequently has taken several business and leadership courses at Dalhousie University as well as various other educational institutions. Dr. Ross went on to serve as Director of the East Preston Day Care Centre for 35 years, and upon her retirement, Dr. Ross enrolled at Acadia Divinity College, where she received her Bachelor of Theology, Prison Ministry and the Christian Foundation Diploma. She wound up pursuing a degree, graduating in 2008 and in 2014, Rev. Dr. Joyce Ross became the first female pastor ordained in the 172 year history of the East Preston United Baptist Church.

Dr. Ross has also taught Sunday school for over 56 years. She has served on many church, community, provincial and national boards, including the East Preston United Baptist Church, the Baptist Young People Union (BYPU) and the African United Baptist Association (AUBA); occupying positions such as: Finance Chair and Building Fund Treasurer, member of the Church Council, President of the Ladies Auxiliary, and Co-ordinator of Prison Ministry.

Dr. Ross was appointed Licentiate, May, 1999, at which time she was given a Church License to Minister. She received an AUBA Licence, August, 2003, and was appointed Minister of Outreach Ministry, April, 2011, at the East Preston United Baptist Church.

Dr. Ross has received many awards for her outstanding service within the local and surrounding communities. In 2002, she was awarded the Order of Canada for outstanding Community work and Leadership, and an Honorary Doctorate of Law from Dalhousie University.

It is Rev. Dr. Ross’ belief that offenders need the help and support of the church. She began entering provincial jails in 1980s, followed by our federal institutions, and ministers to both male and female offender population. She continues to actively volunteer in Prison Ministry in the Atlantic Region.

Congratulations to the Atlantic Region Taylor Award Nominee.