Women's Facilities

CSC operates six women's institutions across the country, including a healing lodge. All women's institutions, with the exception of the healing lodge, are multi-level, where minimum-, medium- and maximum-security women are accommodated.  Healing lodges are exclusively for women offenders who are classified as minimum or medium security level.

Women who are classified as minimum or medium security level live in housing units with communal living areas, where they are responsible for their daily needs such as cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Women who are classified as minimum or medium security level with mental health needs and/or cognitive limitations are accommodated in housing units called Structured Living Environments (SLE), where staff with specialized mental health training provide assistance and supervision. Women with additional mental health needs are accommodated at CSC's national treatment centres.

Women classified as maximum security are accommodated in secure units (SU), where high-level intervention and supervision is provided by specialized staff.

In the community, CSC operates a number of Women's Supervision Units (WSU). WSUs provide parole officers who supervise women offenders on parole and use a team-based, gender-sensitive approach towards supervision.

Women's Institutions


National Treatment Centres

  • The Regional Psychiatric Centre (RPC) (Churchill Unit) – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • L'Institut Philippe-Pinel of Montreal (IPPM) – Montreal, Quebec. IPPM is a provincial forensic psychiatric hospital contracted by CSC to provide mental health services.


Women's Supervision Units