CSC’s transition to the new normal

As a result of COVID-19, many of CSC’s operations were modified or temporarily suspended. As restrictions start to ease across the country, CSC created a governance structure that includes labour partners and stakeholders to inform decisions on the resumption of activities.

CSC constantly monitors the public health situation in each region, including community transmission, and makes decisions to increase access to sites based on risk levels. CSC also consults public health and local occupational health and safety and inmate committees prior to implementing any plans.

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CSC’s transition plan will be developed and managed by an overarching Steering Committee made up of five working groups:

  • Operations
  • Health operations
  • Workforce and administration
  • Infrastructure and maintenance
  • Information and technology

Members of these groups include subject matter experts, union representatives and senior managers from different sectors of the organization, including regional representation.

The working groups are looking into how to best resume regular activities and returning employees to their workplace at CSC. These plans will ensure we make evidence-based decisions, put in place the proper safeguards, and determine exactly how any return to a new normal will roll-out. Sector heads and Regional Deputy Commissioners are engaging employees to help inform recommendations.

As we shape the new normal, inmate committees have also been involved in reviewing our plans and mitigation strategies.


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