The Correctional Plan

Before offenders leave prison on conditional release, they agree to a Correctional Plan. The Correctional Plan is a document that outlines a risk management strategy for each offender. It specifies those interventions and monitoring techniques required to address areas associated with the risk to re-offend. The plan usually involves certain restrictions on movement and actions, as well as commitments to participate in constructive activities such as jobs and programs. Since each offender has different needs and problems, each plan is different. The plan focuses on the specific issues in each offender's life and draws on a wide network of community support in addressing them.

The underlying assumption is that people usually turn to crime because of problems in their lives, such as lack of job skills, substance abuse and poor control of feelings. Experience shows that, with the right motivation and community support, most offenders can make positive changes. The results of the risk assessment, as well as the Case Management Strategy Group to which the offender belongs, will determine the nature of the interaction and an appropriate supervision strategy and will be embodied in the Correctional Plan.