Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 120

What is new/changed?

Technical amendments have been made to the following Commissioner's Directives (CDs) and Standard Operating Practices (SOPs):

SOP 670 Security Equipment;

SOP 700-10 Post-Release Decision Process;

SOP 700-12 Private Family Visits;

SOP 700-16 Temporary Absences;

CD 085 Correspondence and Telephone Communication;

CD 090 Personal Property of Inmates;

CD 740 Work Releases;

CD 768 Institutional Mother-Child Program;

CD 770 Visiting;

CD 783 Observers At Hearings.

Why was the policy changed?

The CDs and SOPs have been revised to reflect the correct cross-references to the recently approved security-related policies. (For example, some current policies refer to CD 605 Use of Force, which is now replaced with CD 567-1 Use of Force.)

What is the purpose of the change?

The purpose is to update policy cross-references.

How was it developed?

The technical amendments were developed during a review of policies. This review followed the sign-off of security CD packages one and two.


No change in accountability.

Who will be affected by the policy?

Primarily correctional staff who are involved in searches and seizures of contraband, use of force, urinalysis, and staff who escort inmates.

Expected cost?

No expected costs.

Other impacts?


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