Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 267

Why was the policy created?

A need has been identified to establish procedures regarding the operation of Inmate Committees within institutions.

What has changed?

A new policy has been developed to ensure that national consistency exists with respect to the creation of Inmate Committees, election of Committee members, and establishment of roles and responsibilities commensurate with Inmate Committees.

How was it developed?

The policy was developed through consultations with institutions, Regional Administrators of Correctional Programs, NHQ Program Managers, Institutional Reintegration, Community Reintegration, Strategic Policy, Legal Services, Portfolio Managers and Rights Redress and Resolution.


The Institutional Head will be responsible for decisions regarding the implementation of initiatives brought forth by the Inmate Committee.

The Assistant Warden, Interventions and the Liaison will serve as intermediaries between the Inmate Committee and the Institutional Head where warranted.

The Inmate Committee will be responsible for providing a means by which the inmate population can recommend and promote activities in support of institutional operations.

Who will be affected by the policy?

CSC institutional staff and offenders.

Expected cost?

Resource implications can include office space and materials required for the operations of the Inmate Committees.

Other impacts?

No other impacts are anticipated.


  • Michael Bettman
  • Director, Reintegration Programs
  • 613-947-9401
  • BettmanMD@csc-scc.gc.ca

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