Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 351

Why were these policies changed?

These Commissioner’s Directives have been revised to reflect changes to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA), to comply with the recommendations of the Policy Review Task Force, and to incorporate information from Security Bulletins, where required.

What has changed?

  • Several technical modifications have been made to the layout of the document. Extensive editing was done to remove extraneous details, to improve clarity of the direction and to focus on staff responsibilities. An application section has been added as well.
  • CD 566-1, 566-2 and 566-8 now include an Authorized Items List for Staff and Official Visitors.
  • Changes to the operations at the principal entrance now include a requirement for a Correctional Manager or excluded manager to be present during any major shift changes. This responsibility is found in CD 566-1.
  • The previous CDs 566-10 – Urinalysis Testing in the Institution and 566-11 – Urinalysis Testing in the Community have been amalgamated into CD 566-10 – Urinalysis Testing.

How were they developed?

These policies were updated by the former National Policy Review Team. They were then revised collaboratively by the Strategic Policy Division and the Security Branch and were the subject of a national consultation.


The Assistant Commissioner, Correctional Operations and Programs, is accountable for the overall 566 series of policies. Responsibilities at National and Regional Headquarters and in the institutions and districts are outlined in each of the policy documents.

Who will be affected by the policies?

All staff.

Other impacts?

Training will be provided to highlight legislative amendments and resulting changes to policies.


For more information

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