Commissioner's Directive

Identification Cards


  1. To improve security through the identification of individuals.


  1. National Headquarters shall be responsible for the design, development and/or procurement of materials necessary to produce identification cards. Units which have been provided with identification equipment shall be responsible for the final production of identification cards for the categories of persons listed in Annex "A".
  2. Data cards bearing serial numbers shall be re-ordered through National Headquarters. Other data cards, backer cards, film and plastic pouches shall be obtained through normal supply channels.
  3. Photographs shall be taken against a coloured backdrop (specified in Annex "A"). Photos shall show the full face and shoulders of the subject (hatless), with eyeglasses if such are normally worn.
  4. Two copies of the photograph shall be produced. One shall be used for the production of the identification card, the other shall be filed.


  1. Identification cards shall be validated with a distinctive logo which forms part of the security integrity system of the card.
  2. The validation signature which will appear just above the word COMMISSIONER on the identification card shall be that of the Commissioner of Corrections on all staff identification cards.


  1. Details of identification cards shall be maintained in the Identification Card Register.
  2. The register shall contain the following information:
    1. the location from which the card was issued;
    2. the serial number of the card;
    3. the date of the card's issue;
    4. the name of the person to whom the card was issued;
    5. the date of the card's withdrawal; and
    6. reasons for the card's withdrawal.
  3. When a new identification card is issued, a cross-reference to the old number shall be made in the control register.
  4. When a card is damaged or spoiled, it shall be destroyed and the control register shall be amended accordingly.


  1. Employees shall carry their identification card on their person at all times while on duty.
  2. When an employee's identification card is lost, the employee shall complete form GC 132, "Report of Lost Identification Card", and forward it to the unit responsible for the issuing of identification cards.
  3. When an employee is transferred, form GC 122, "Identification Card Receipt", shall be forwarded to the new location where it shall be recorded in the control register.


  1. Inmates may be required to carry and show their identification card as a matter of institutional routine or for any other purpose deemed necessary.
  2. All inmates shall be required to carry their identification card when granted temporary absence, day parole or any other authorized absence from the institution.
  3. When an inmate is accompanied by an escort outside the institution, the escort shall be required to carry the inmate's identification card.


  1. Normally, the institution from which the inmate is released on full parole or mandatory supervision shall issue the parolee identification card. Supervising parole staff shall ensure that paroled inmates from provincial institutions which make use of the federal parole service are issued with an identification card.


  1. Identification cards for approved citizen escorts shall be held at the institution and these cards shall be issued each time an escort is conducted.


  1. A new identification card shall be issued
    1. on a routine basis every six years; or
    2. if there has been a substantial change in the person's appearance.


  1. Completed identification cards not issued to individuals and blank data cards shall be considered to be confidential material and shall be protected accordingly.
  2. Identification cards which have been damaged during the production process shall be destroyed in a manner which prevents any future use of the use of the card, photograph or identification data. Burning or shredding is recommended.
  3. When an identification card is withdrawn for any reason, it shall be invalidated in a way that precludes its re-use.
  4. Issuing units shall establish expiry date recall systems to recover expired cards.

Original signed by
Rhéal J. LeBlanc, Commissioner



Type of ID Card Issued To Backdrop Withdrawal
Staff Indeterminate employees (1) Chaplains
CAC members
Red Will be withdrawn from all personnel separating from the Service for any reason or when a new card is issued. The withdrawal shall be noted in a control register.
Citizen Escorts Approved Citizen Escorts Yellow Will be withdrawn at an expiry date determined by the Director or on termination of the individual's association with the institution.
Inmates All federal inmates (on reception to institution White When:
  1. released form institution
  2. transferred to another region.
  3. parolee identification card issued
Released inmates Released inmates:
  1. on full parole
  2. on mandatory supervision
  3. on provincial parole to the Service's jurisdiction
  4. on day parole
White Withdrawn on warrant expiry date (WED)

Distribution of released inmates photographs

1 - identification card

1 - local police

2 - parole office

(1) Identification of consultants, term employees and contract employees shall be controlled through a local system best suited to access control requirements of the particular unit. They shall not be issued a staff identification card. For the purpose of this directive, chaplains and CAC members are considered staff members.


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