Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

Although CSC is not currently bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act (FSDA) and therefore is not required to develop a departmental Sustainable Development, CSC has implemented its own Sustainable Development Strategy for the 2018-20 period. CSC's SDS 2018-2020 contains 37 targets specific for each institution/complex.

As of March 31, 2020, 19 targets were achieved, 15 targets were partially achieved and will reach full implementation in the next SDS cycle, (i.e. targets that were partially met will be reintroduced in SDS 2020-23), two targets were placed on hold and one target was cancelled.

Targets Achieved

Target 1 Springhill Institution - Retrofit Building #27 to improve energy efficiency
Target 2 Springhill Institution - Upgrade lighting throughout the institution
Target 4 Nova Institution for Women - Upgrade floodlights
Target 7 Regional Reception Centre - Improve lighting hubs
Target 9 Port Cartier Institution - Replace lighting to LED
Target 10 All institutions in the Quebec Region - Leave grassy areas or reforest certain portions
Target 15 Regional Psychiatric Centre - Convert courtyard lighting to LED
Target 17 Upgrade perimeter lighting to LED at Stony Mountain Institution.
Target 20 Okimaw Ochi Healing Lodge - LED upgrades
Target 21 Grande Cache - LED upgrades
Target 22 EIFW - LED upgrades
Target 23 Edmonton - LED upgrades
Target 24 Grierson - Replace HVAC system
Target 27 Mission Minimum - Replace hot water tanks
Target 28 Mountain Institution - Install occupancy sensors in all boardrooms and staff washrooms
Target 34 Plant trees along main and access roads at Dorchester Institution-Minimum
Target 35 Mission Minimum - Drought resistant landscaping
Target 36 William Head - Commercial Composters
Target 37 Kwìkwèxwelhp - Installation of low flush toilets

Targets Partially Achieved

Target 3 Nova Institution for Women - Implement clean energy for domestic hot water in row houses
Target 5 Atlantic Institution - Implement clean energy for heating PFV
Target 6 NFLD and Labrador CCC - Conduct an energy audit
Target 8 Drummond Institution - Optimize HVAC systems
Target 11 CBI - Replace inefficient furnaces and electric hot water heaters
Target 12 JI - Replace lighting with LED in the CHP
Target 13 One Ontario Institution - Initiate replacement of high wattage perimeter lighting with LED
Target 14 BCI/WI - Initiate replacement of high wattage perimeter lighting at one institution
Target 16 Willow Cree Healing Lodge - Replace inefficient boiler
Target 25 Matsqui Institution - LED upgrades
Target 26 Mission Institution - LED upgrades
Target 29 Regional Headquarter Pacific Region - Electric vehicle charging station
Target 30 William Head - LED upgrades
Target 31 Kwìkwèxwelhp Healing Lodge - Upgrade lighting to LED
Target 32 Three institutional complexes - Initiate Energy Performance Contracts (EPC)

Targets On Hold

Target 18 Bowden Institution - Design alternative energy source for the greenhouse
Target 33 Dorchester Medium - Install automatic shut off showers

Targets Cancelled

Target 19 Drumheller Institution - Implement a solar array at the greenhouse
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