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There is a difference between evaluation and internal audit. Evaluation informs decision-making and focuses on the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of programs, policies, or initiatives. Internal audit focuses on compliance with established policies, as well as management practices, controls and reporting systems.

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) regularly performs evaluations of our programs and services. Evaluations give us timely, strategic, and evidence-based information about our initiatives, policies and programs. This information allows us to improve our performance and examine alternative ways to deliver programs, or continue achieving positive results. The results gathered through these evaluations contribute to a wide range of CSC’s priorities and ensures that our programs and operations are working effectively.

Evaluations are planned to align with CSC corporate priorities, risks, and themes from the Departmental Plan. Evaluations also include ways to strengthen management practices and develop productive relationships with partners and stakeholders.

Our Priorities includes a complete list of CSC’s Corporate Priorities.

CSC 2018-19 Departmental Plan outlines our core responsibilities

CSC Evaluation Reports lists CSC’s completed and published evaluation reports.

Five year Evaluation Plan describes our planned evaluations from 2018-19 to 2022-23.

Latest evaluation reports

Evaluation of CSC’s Institutional Chaplaincy Services

Summary of Evaluation of CSC's Health Services

Evaluation of CSC's Health Services

Contact information for the Evaluation Branch

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