Facts and Figures

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Our primary goal at the Aboriginal Initiatives Branch is to ensure the safe and timely reintegration of Aboriginal federal offenders into the community.

The statistics and basic data presented here will provide some very essential information concerning Aboriginal offenders in federal corrections.

There has been some measurable progress in Aboriginal federal corrections in the past few years and some of the early results are very encouraging. For example, in 1998 the Research Branch determined that Aboriginal Healing Lodges were reporting a re-offence rate of 6% for Aboriginal offenders completing their sentence at a healing lodge. When compared to the national rate of 11% for all offenders in CSC, it is indeed a positive sign. There have also been approximately 100 releases under Section 84 of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA), and several transfers under Section 81 of the CCRA. As well, the proportion of Aboriginal offenders serving their sentence in the community has increased from 28.5% in 1998 to 33.3% in 2000.

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