Reintegration Programs for Aboriginal Offenders

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CSC is committed to providing Reintegration Programs that are responsive to the needs of Aboriginal Offenders.


  • CSC is currently implementing Aboriginal healing and treatment programs targetted to the reintegration needs of Aboriginal offenders;
  • CSC supports the development of programs by Aboriginal people who have recognised expertise in effective correctional service and traditional cultural healing/teachings. CSC supports program delivery by trained Aboriginal program staff.


National Aboriginal alternatives to existing reintegration programs include:

  • In Search of Your Warrior Program, developed by the Native Counselling Services of Alberta. It is a high-intensity program which addresses violent criminal behaviour. It is currently implemented in the Prairie, Pacific, and Quebec regions.
  • The Mama Wi Program is a family violence treatment program developed by an Aboriginal social service agency in Manitoba. The program is currently implemented in the Prairie region and it is being adapted for general application.
  • Aboriginal addiction treatment programs have been available in all regions, yet a national model is lacking. The Addiction Research Division is currently initiating the development of a value added Aboriginal moderate intensity substance abuse program for national implementation.
  • A national Aboriginal Offender Pre-Orientation program has been developed. The program is intended to increase inmates' preparedness to benefit from other programs offered by CSC, determine cultural and criminogenic needs and start the education of Aboriginal offenders about corrections, Aboriginal heritage, and healing opportunities
  • A national Aboriginal Healing Program, which identifies and encourages traditional cultural methods of living in balance, is currently being developed in collaboration with Native Court Workers and the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. This program will be available in the institutions to Aboriginal offenders and Aboriginal communities will have access to the program for delivery in their communities. Program development completion date is December 2001.