Infrastructure Renewal at the Correctional Service of Canada

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is investing in new infrastructure to better manage a complex and diverse offender population. These investments will lead to safer, more secure penitentiaries and ultimately enhance public safety.

As the federal government agency responsible for administering sentences of two years or more, CSC performs an essential role in safeguarding public safety.

CSC manages 53 institutions of various security levels across the country and our staff members assist offenders to become law-abiding citizens and supervise those on different forms of conditional release.

CSC is building new living units in many of its existing institutions and hiring additional staff, where appropriate.

CSC expects to add more than 2,700 accommodation spaces to men’s and women’s penitentiaries across the country by the end of 2014.

The work now underway at facilities across the country is about more than bricks and mortar.

CSC is expanding delivery of its correctional, education and work programs to assist offenders in their rehabilitation. CSC is also working with community partners to ensure offenders in the community are effectively supervised.

The multi-faceted approach CSC is taking will allow it to contribute to Canadians’ safety and security.