Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 330

Why were the policies changed?

These directives have been updated in response to recommendations of a board of investigation. The modifications provide clarity to various policies regarding charging and/or pointing and/or discharging a firearm, conducting exceptional searches under section 53 of the CCRA, and reporting serious incidents.

What has changed?

The link to the Post-Search Report has been updated.

CDs 566-7 and 566-9 - In the section on Reporting Requirements, the title "head of the region" has been replaced with "Regional Deputy Commissioner and Director General, Security". Hyperlinks to the new Post-Search Report (CSC/SCC 1365) have also been updated.

CD 567 - Technical changes have been made to paragraph 45 to add clarity with regard to displaying a firearm as part of routine duties of a post.

CD 567-5 - A definition has been added in subparagraph 4e to clarify what is not considered a use of force.

CD 568-1 - A few technical changes were made to Annex B on Reportable Institutional Incidents: "charging and/or pointing and/or" has been added to "discharge of a firearm"; at the end of "exceptional search" (section 53 of the CCRA), the CCRR reference has been added.

CD 600 - In paragraph 23 of the Response to Emergencies section, to clarify the specific goals of an operational unit, two additional goals were added. New paragraph 58 in the Serious Incidents section clarifies the process to be followed when the Emergency Response Team is used during section 53 searches.

How was it developed?

These policy changes were developed by Security Branch in consultation with Strategic Policy.


CSC management and staff are responsible to ensure compliance in these areas.

Who will be affected by the policy?

The Security CDs listed above will affect institutional staff, except those in community correctional centres.

Expected cost?


Other impacts?



  • Julie Keravel
  • Director General, Security, NHQ
  • 613-996-1135
  • Julie.Keravel@csc-scc.gc.ca

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