Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 358

Why was the policy changed?

This Commissioner's Directive (CD) has been revised to reflect changes to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA) and other recently passed legislation, to comply with the recommendations of the Policy Review Task Force, and to incorporate information from Case Management Bulletins. The revision also served to align the current responsibilities of Sentence Management with the appropriate level of the organization (i.e. institutional, regional and/or national level).

What has changed?

Several technical modifications have been made to the layout of the document. Extensive editing was done to remove extraneous details, to improve clarity of the direction and to focus on staff responsibilities.

Additional procedures have been included for dealing with inmate movements. The self-auditing measures were amended to reflect the new timeframe to conduct the pre-release audit (i.e. 11 months prior to the offender's statutory release date). Lastly, the timeframes for completing Canadian Police Information Centre checks for outstanding charges were established.

The Sentence Management Manual will be updated to reflect the changes to Sentence Management as a result of Bill C-10. In the interim, Sentence Management staff will be utilizing the Manual along with the notes provided during the national training on the direction outlined in the CD.

How was it developed?

This policy was updated by the former National Policy Review Team and was the subject of a national consultation. It was then revised collaboratively by the Strategic Policy Division, the Institutional Reintegration Operations Division, Legal Services, and Sentence Management staff at the institutional, regional and national levels.


National and Regional Advisors, Sentence Management and Institutional Sentence Management staff.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All staff working in Sentence Management.

Other impacts?



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