Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 369

Why was the policy changed?

FD 350-3 has been changed by adding an Annex G to support the federal government's Policy on Green Procurement.  The policy was created to reduce the environmental impacts of government operations by integrating environmental performance considerations in the procurement process.

What has changed?

Annex G has been created and approved to ensure that CSC contributes to meeting government wide green procurement targets and to establish the responsibilities of key stakeholders.  This includes the development of an accountability framework through the setting of targets identified within the annual Report on Plans and Priorities, commencing in 2013-2014.

The policy requires that all employees responsible for the procurement of goods and services, including acquisition cardholders, take the online, self-paced and free of charge Green Procurement (C215) course offered by the Canada School of Public Service.

How was it developed?

The policy owner, National Manager, Contracting and Materiel Services, developed the new Annex in consultation with the Regional Managers, Contracting and Materiel Services, Legal Services, and Technical Services.


All authorized purchasers of goods and services for CSC.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All Contracting Officers, Budget Managers, and acquisition cardholders.

Expected cost?


Other impacts?

Changes to manuals, guidelines, training materials, and processes are underway or completed in support of this policy.


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