Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 469

Why was the policy changed?

This policy bulletin provides further direction to the field regarding the steps/efforts that are expected from community Parole Officers and Parole Officer Supervisors when experiencing difficulties in contacting the identified sources of community support to complete the Post-Sentence Community Assessments.

What has changed?

Paragraph 2(h) of the policy assigns the responsibility to the community Parole Officer to complete the Post-Sentence Community Assessment within 40 days of admission to federal custody but does not identify the steps and efforts to be taken should there be difficulties in reaching the identified source of community support.

Therefore, effective immediately upon receiving this Policy Bulletin, community Parole Officers are to ensure that:

  • they attempt to reach the identified source of community support via phone communications;
  • if unable to reach the identified source of support via phone communications, a written communication is sent to the identified source; and
  • these efforts/steps are documented within the Post-Sentence Community Assessment Report prior to locking it in OMS.

Parole Officer Supervisors are to ensure that:

  • within their quality assessment review of the Post-Sentence Community Assessment Report, the necessary steps/efforts have been taken, by the Parole Officers, to reach the identified source of community support; and
  • these steps/efforts are documented in the Post-Sentence Community Assessment Report.

How was it developed?

This policy was developed by the Correctional Operations and Programs Sector and the Policy Sector.


Roles and responsibilities are detailed in the policy document. These have not changed since the last review of this CD.


  • Director
  • Community Reintegration Branch
  • 613-943-4146


Original Signed by:
Don Head

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