Commissioner's Directive

Dynamic Security and Supervision



  • To provide safe environments through staff presence and appropriate interactions and interventions with offenders


Applies to all staff employed by the Correctional Service of Canada working with offenders in institutions or in the community


  1. The Institutional Head/District Director will ensure:
    1. managers and supervisors actively practice dynamic security and supervision
    2. operating procedures facilitate staff visibility and constructive interaction with offenders in a manner that is consistent with the safety of staff and offenders
    3. staff interact with offenders in institutions and/or in the community, and document information as soon as possible
  2. The Deputy Warden and/or Assistant Wardens will demonstrate and promote ongoing dynamic security ensuring staff interact with offenders on a regular basis.
  3. The Correctional Manager/Manager, Community Correctional Centre, will encourage and promote dynamic security with all correctional staff who interact with offenders regularly.
  4. All staff who interact directly with offenders will:
    1. motivate the offender to engage in pro-social, responsible behaviour
    2. enhance their knowledge base of the offender's activities and behaviours by observing and assessing behaviours (positive and negative) critical to maintaining a safe and secure environment
    3. consider factors that affect offender behaviours and interactions (e.g. communication styles, learning deficits, mental health) and, where appropriate, the needs of women, other groups, and offender’s Aboriginal social history
    4. record and share dynamic security related information with security, case management, health services, intelligence and other pertinent staff
    5. immediately report offender interactions or behaviours that may jeopardize the safety of staff, offenders, public, or the institution and complete a Statement/Observation Report (CSC/SCC 0875)
  5. Dynamic security interactions and observations with offenders will be documented in the log book, Statement/Observation Report (CSC/SCC 0875) and/or Casework Record.
  6. Any new information collected as part of dynamic security prior to an offender’s release will be shared with case management and/or security intelligence staff.
  7. Pursuant to CD 715 – Community Supervision Framework, to ensure continuity of dynamic security of offenders under community supervision, community staff will maintain regular contact with the offender, collateral contacts and police. All interactions will be documented and any safety or other concerns will be immediately shared with a supervisor.


  1. Strategic Policy Division
    National Headquarters


Original Signed by:
Don Head




CD 001 – Mission of the Correctional Service of Canada
CD 566 – Framework for the Prevention of Security Incidents
CD 566-3 – Inmate Movement
CD 566-4 – Inmate Counts and Security Patrols
CD 566-5 – Non-Security Escorts
CD 566-6 – Security Escorts
CD 566-7 – Searching of Inmates
CD 567 – Management of Security Incidents
CD 567-1 – Use of Force
CD 567-2 – Use of and Responding to Alarms
CD 567-3 – Use of Restraint Equipment for Security Purposes
CD 567-4 – Use of Chemical and Inflammatory Agents
CD 567-5 – Use of Firearms
CD 580 – Discipline of Inmates
CD 705 – Intake Assessment Process and Correctional Plan Framework
CD 710 – Institutional Supervision Framework
CD 712 – Case Preparation and Pre-Release Framework
CD 715 – Community Supervision Framework
CD 715-1 – Community Supervision
CD 800 – Health Services
CD 843 – Management of Inmate Self-Injurious and Suicidal Behaviour


Dynamic security: regular and consistent interaction with offenders and timely analysis of information and sharing through observations and communication (e.g. rapport building, training, networking, intelligence gathering and strategic analysis). Dynamic security is the action that contributes to a safe working and living environment for staff and offenders, and is a key tool to assess an offender’s adjustment and stability.

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