Policy Bulletin 622

Policy Bulletin

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Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 530 – Death of an Inmate: Notifications and Funeral Arrangements

Clarification Regarding Contacting the Inmate’s Emergency Contact or Next of Kin

It should be clarified that the local person responsible for the notification following a death of an inmate is not restricted to using the telephone when making contact with the inmate’s emergency contact or next of kin.

Pursuant to paragraph 4 iv, when a phone call is made, it is considered a best practice to coordinate, where possible, with local resources to provide in-person support. Alternately, where possible, and following the direction of the Institutional Head, the designated local person may advise the inmate’s emergency contact or next of kin in person.

Who will be affected by the policy?

Staff and contractors working with inmates in institutions, including Community Correctional Centres.


Roles and responsibilities are detailed in the policy document.

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