Commissioner's Directive

Access To Material And Live Entertainment


  1. To ensure that material which could jeopardize the security of institutions or the safety of persons is not available in institutions and to ensure that the living conditions of offenders and working conditions of staff members are free from practices which undermine a person's sense of personal dignity.
  2. To ensure appropriate access and presentation of all material including publications, videos, audio tapes, films and computer programs and live entertainment within institutions.


  1. The institutional head is responsible for ensuring that all material and live entertainment entering into or performing within the institution meet the conditions stated in this policy.


  1. Inmates shall normally have access to material that meets the following conditions:
    1. is legally available on the open market;
    2. adheres to the limitations and licensing requirements of the Copyright Act; and
    3. does not jeopardize the security of the institution or the safety of persons.
  2. Material that includes the following content shall not be permitted entry into the institution:
    1. material which contains detailed information on the fabrication of any type of weapons or the commission of criminal acts;
    2. material which advocates or promotes genocide or hatred of any identifiable group that may be distinguished by colour, race, religion, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, or by other specific traits;
    3. sexually oriented material involving violence, coercion, compulsion, force, bodily harm or threats or fear of bodily harm, or other similar acts;
    4. sexually oriented material involving children.
  3. The institutional head may, in accordance with paragraph 4 c, prohibit entry into the institution of:
    1. material that portrays excessive violence and aggression, or prison violence; or
    2. sexually oriented material which promotes or encourages any form of a criminal act, if he or she believes on reasonable grounds that this material would incite inmates to commit similar acts.
  4. Nothwithstanding paragraph 4, the institutional head or his or her immediate delegate may prohibit the purchase or use by an inmate, including the display of, any material that he or she believes on reasonable grounds:
    1. is likely to be viewed by other persons; and
    2. would undermine a person's sense of personal dignity by demeaning, causing humiliation or embarrassment to a person, on the basis of sex, race, national or ethnic origin, colour or religion.


  1. Live entertainment may be permitted, provided that it respects the content of paragraphs 4, 5, 6 and 7 of this directive.

Original signed by
Ole Ingstrup, Commissioner


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