Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 85

What is new/changed?

Commissioner's Directive 880: Food Services

Standard Operating Practices 880-1: Food Services - Central Feeding
Standard Operating Practices 880-2: Small Group Meal Preparation

This new Commissioner's Directive (CD) and these new Standard Operating Practices (SOP) replace CD 880, CD 881, the Food Services Manual and the Food Services Quality Assurance Program manual in their entirety. The only major changes with regards to the content of these policies are:

  • The Quality Assurance Manual is now an appendix to the Central Feeding SOP. It is intended as a guide to assist staff in setting up quality assurance.
  • A new section on emergency feeding has been added to the Central Feeding SOP.
  • Policies regarding staff meals have been removed from Food Services policies.

Why was the policy changed?

These changes were effected further to the Task Force on Policy Review.

  • The CD provides the overall direction with respect to Food Services.
  • The SOP on Central Feeding are specific to those institutions where meals are prepared in a central kitchen.
  • The SOP on Small Group Meal Preparation were developed for those institutions where inmates are responsible for all aspects of meal delivery.

Addition of the section on emergency feeding was done at the request of the Security branch of National Headquarters due to the importance of food services in disaster planning.

Removal of the policies concerning staff meals was done at the request of National Headquarters Staff Relations due to the fact that such issues are dealt with under collective agreements and should therefore not be addressed in Food Services Policy, as per the new CSC policy framework.

What is the purpose of the change?

To ensure that CSC's policies concerning Food Services are current and communicated to staff and inmates in a manner which is consistent with the new CSC policy framework.

How was it developed?

These policies were developed in consultation with field staff, inmate committees, the USGE, PIPS, the Correctional Investigator and the following branches:

  • Security, Chaplaincy, Health Services, Staff Relations, Legal Services, Inmate Affairs and Policy.


The institutional head is accountable to ensure the highest possible quality food service program in his or her institution.

Who will be affected by the policy?

CSC Food Services staff and inmates are affected by the CD and SOP.

Expected cost?

No new costs are expected, as the SOP reflect policy decisions which have been previously implemented.

Other impacts?


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