Submitting an Access to Information Request

In order to submit a request under the Access to Information Act, you must:

Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have an address in Canada.  Canadians living abroad must provide proof of citizenship in order to receive the information they are seeking.Footnote 1

Submit a $5.00 application fee as stipulated in the Access to Information Regulations. Payments are accepted in the form of a money order or cheque made payable to the Receiver General of Canada.

Be specific enough to allow for the information to be retrieved.

Submit your request by completing the Access to Information Request Form (found at the bottom of this linked page) or by providing us with a letter clearly explaining what records you are seeking. Please note that you cannot submit your request on-line at this time.  Your request must be sent to the following address:

Access to Information and Privacy Division
Policy Sector
Correctional Service Canada
340 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa ON  K1A 0P9

Or by facsimile: 613-995-4412

For more information on CSC's Information Holdings, please see our chapter in Info Source - a series of publications containing information about, and collected by, the Government of Canada.


Footnote 1

If you are not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, you will have to make your request through a representative that is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or has an address in Canada.

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