These resources are here to provide you with tools and additional information on the access to information and privacy process, legislation and policies.

Request forms

If you wish to make a request under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act, please complete the relevant form or submit your request in writing.

Annual reports to Parliament

In accordance with section 72 of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act, government institutions must prepare and submit an annual report to Parliament on its ATIP administration and activities for the fiscal year. These are the most recent annual reports:









The pieces of legislation which govern access to information and protection of privacy are:

  • Access to Information Act provides the public with access to information under the control of the Government of Canada
  • Access to Information Regulations identifies rules that apply to the Access to Information Act
  • Privacy Act provides for the protection of personal information held by government institutions and provides individuals with a "right of access to that information"
  • Privacy Regulations identifies the rules that apply to the Privacy Act
  • Federal Accountability Act provides for, amongst other things, administrative transparency, oversight and accountability of all government departments

Policies and guidelines

These policies and guidelines were developed by the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada to ensure:

  • compliance and consistency in administering the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act and their regulations
  • the government's responsibility for protecting your personal information

Access to information


Government security

Oversight bodies

The Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act provide for an independent public body whose role is to ensure that your rights under the acts are safeguarded. There are two oversight bodies:

Other departments

For additional information on the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act and their provisions, please refer to:


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