Job profile - Parole officer

Female Parole Officer Working at Her Desk

Parole Officers work either within a correctional facility or in the community. They supervise and manage multiple offenders. This is referred to as a "caseload". They use policies and their professional judgement to provide written reports and recommendations to CSC and the Parole Board of Canada about offenders under their supervision.

As a Parole Officer, you supervise and manage your caseload by maintaining regular contact with each offender. You work with each offender to develop appropriate programming and treatment options that address the factors that led to their criminal activity in the first place. You must interview, observe, listen, question, counsel and intervene. Your job is to assess an offender's behaviour, accountability and potential risk to society.

You will be expected to work in a team environment. Together you will review and analyze every available source of relevant information when assessing an offender. This helps to ensure that accurate information and sound assessments form the basis of the offender's safe return to the community. You will work closely with other CSC staff including:

  • Psychologists
  • Correctional Officers
  • Primary Workers
  • Correctional Program Officer
  • Elders, Teachers
  • Mental Health staff
  • Social Workers
  • other partners

Community Parole Officers develop a network of community contacts to get accurate information about each offender's progress. This network also provides the offender with support in their reintegration efforts. This information helps form a basis for sound assessments of an offender's risk level. Some local travel may be required.

As a Parole Officer, you must establish and maintain positive relationships with the case management team, the community at large and other sources such as family and/or co-workers of the offender.

We encourage Aboriginals and Visible Minorities to apply for these positions.