Job profile - Correctional program officer

Male Correctional Program Facilitator Speaking with an Offender

Correctional Program Officers are essential to an offender's rehabilitation efforts. Every day, they deliver important correctional programs to offenders (e.g. substance abuse and violence prevention programs). They motivate and encourage offenders along the path to successful reintegration.

Officers also give advice to offenders while teaching them the skills they need for their eventual safe reintegration into the community. Officers are responsible for class preparation. They grade offenders' work and formally assess each offender's attitude, accountability and progress toward their goals for change. Each offender's performance is documented and risk factors are identified.

As a Correctional Program Officer, you are part of the Case Management Team. Together you share information about an offender's accountability and progress. You work closely with other CSC staff including:

  • Parole Officers
  • Correctional Officers
  • Primary Workers/Kimisinaws
  • Correctional Managers
  • Elders
  • Aboriginal Liaison Officers

You help develop and implement an offender's correctional plan. You provide input on revisions to any correctional plan. You consider the needs and progress of the offender, and which programs will help to reduce their risk of re-offending. Your schedule will vary. You may be required to work evenings and weekends on occasion.