Job profile - Aboriginal liaison officer

Female Aboriginal Liaison Officer

Aboriginal Liaison Officers provide leadership, cultural awareness, counselling and other services to Aboriginal offenders. They are a link between the offender and the Aboriginal community.

Aboriginal Liaison Officers are part of an Aboriginal offender's case management team. They help ensure the offender's cultural and spiritual needs are understood and met. They also help Aboriginal offenders understand the rules for corrections and conditional release.

You will ensure that case management teams are up to date on Aboriginal offenders' ongoing work with the Elder/Spiritual Advisor. You are not responsible for providing ceremony. You do, however help in supporting the Elder/Spiritual Advisor in their work with Aboriginal offenders.

Aboriginal Liaison Officers often work with Aboriginal agencies and communities to help offenders heal and eventually reintegrate into their home communities. As a result, you will work both in a correctional setting and in Aboriginal communities. You may be required to work occasional overtime hours.