Job profile - Aboriginal community development officer

Male Aboriginal Community Development Officer

Aboriginal Community Development Officers work with Aboriginal offenders who are interested in returning to their communities.

Under Section 84 of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, they work with both offenders and their communities to develop viable, culturally sensitive, release plans. These release plans are submitted to the Parole Board of Canada. The plans are part of the Parole Board's decision-making process for conditional releases.

As part of an offender's case management team, Aboriginal Community Development Officers build positive partnerships with Aboriginal communities. This helps to ensure that support systems are in place for offenders preparing to return to their community.

It also means that Aboriginal Community Development Officers work closely with other CSC staff (e.g. Parole Officers, Psychologists, Elders, Aboriginal Liaison Officers). They ensure all relevant information regarding the Aboriginal offender and their planned reintegration is properly shared.