Job profile - Aboriginal correctional program facilitator

Female Aboriginal Correctional Program Facilitator

Aboriginal Correctional Program Facilitators deliver culturally appropriate Aboriginal correctional programs to offenders. They work in partnership with Elders, and collaborate with parole officers. Programs are designed to address, in a culturally sensitive way, behaviours that increase an offender's risk to re-offend.

As an Aboriginal Correctional Program Facilitator, you are part of an offender's case management team. You contribute to the healing journey of Aboriginal offenders. You address the needs identified in offenders' healing plans. You help guide, motivate and encourage Aboriginal offenders along their path to healing and reintegration.

You are responsible for class preparation. You grade offenders' work and formally assess each offender's attitude, accountability and progress.

Aboriginal Correctional Program Facilitators deliver a range of correctional programs. Some are offered within the institution. Others are offered in the community. You may also interact with offenders on a one-on-one basis after classroom hours as necessary. Your schedule will vary, so you may be required to work evenings and weekends on occasion.