Job profile - Psychologist and assistant psychologist

Female Psychologist

In the past decade, the number of offenders exhibiting signs of mental health and behavioural issues has increased significantly. The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is working to address this issue. We are now the largest federal employer of psychologists in Canada. Our team of over 300 psychologists are world-renowned for their work in developing risk assessment tools and contributing to corrections research.

As a Psychologist or Assistant Psychologist you are an important member of our Health Services team. Both positions address the mental health needs of offenders, and provide services related to offenders' reintegration into society. For example, your psychological assessment of an offender's risk for recidivism helps to inform the decisions made by the Parole Board of Canada.

Our Psychologists and Assistant Psychologists also provide psychological screening, assessment and treatment to offenders. These services are offered both in correctional institutions and in the community. As a CSC psychologist you will regularly consult with fellow employees and managers about offenders' criminal risks. You also help develop and deliver effective interventions and treatments for those offenders.

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