Hiring process - Primary worker/Kimisinaw

Female Primary Worker/Kimisinaw

Primary Worker/Kimisinaw

Please do not send self-assessment questionnaire with your application.

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), as part of the criminal justice system and respecting the rule of law, contributes to public safety by actively encouraging and assisting offenders to become law-abiding citizens, while exercising reasonable, safe, secure and humane control.

To fulfill this mission, employees of CSC must conduct themselves with integrity, respect and professionalism. It is imperative, therefore, that CSC carefully assess new applicants.

  1. Before you apply, find out what you will need and what to expect.
  2. Next, follow our step-by-step application process and review the interview prep guide.
  3. Finally, learn what is involved in the training and appointment process.

Is a Primary Worker or Kimisinaw position the right career choice for you?

We expect a great deal from the people we select as Primary Workers and Kimisinaws. Are you of good ethical character? Do you consider yourself to be trustworthy? Do you demonstrate integrity? Is your fitness level excellent?

Primary Workers work exclusively in CSC's federal Women's Institutions. The Kimisinaw (Cree word for older sister) works specifically at the Okimaw Ohci Aboriginal Healing Lodge for Women Offenders in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.

To help you determine if working with women offenders is the right career choice for you, we strongly encourage you to complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire before you apply.

The self-assessment questionnaire will provide a greater understanding of the role, requirements, skills and expectations of the Primary Worker/Kimisinaw position. Situations presented in the self-assessment questionnaire are part of a Primary Worker/Kimisinaw's daily work.

The questionnaire was designed to help determine personal suitability for a Primary Worker/Kimisinaw position. It is not an official assessment tool used by CSC for hiring. Please do not send this questionnaire with your application.