Guide to applying for a job at CSC

Remember to visit daily, some positions are only posted for 24 hours!

When you work at the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), you become part of an organization that changes lives and protects Canadians. CSC is responsible for the custody and supervision of offenders serving sentences of two years or more. On a typical day, CSC manages 43 institutions with approximately 15,000 offenders, and supervises more than 8,500 offenders in the community (parole).

CSC offers a wide variety of jobs and professions to keep our offices and institutions running smoothly.

As of April 9, 2019, Correctional Service Canada recruits receive an allowance* of $400/week, up to a maximum of $5,600 for 14 weeks, during the third stage of the Correctional Training Program (CTP). This allowance, paid bi-weekly, is in addition to the meal and hospitality fees already covered for recruits at this same CTP stage. Administrative procedures for payment of the allowance are initiated upon arrival at the Training Academy.

*Individuals who receive a salary as a public servant are not eligible. Recruits who already receive a salary or financial compensation through another program while their participation at CTP are responsible to inform the parties concerned.

The selection process

The selection process at CSC is based on merit as well as standards of fairness, transparency and efficiency to ensure we hire the right people for the job. Candidates are assessed on the knowledge, abilities and personal suitability which are pertinent to the job.

How to find a federal job on-line

The best way to get your employment search started is by visiting, where you can view a list of all CSC job postings by region, by category and by organization. You can also check out opportunities specifically for students and recent graduates.

Once you have found an employment opportunity that you are interested in, look for the "Apply Online" link at the bottom of the advertisement. You must use this link to submit an application to the Public Service.

The "Apply Online" link allows you to log-in to your file in the Public Service Resourcing System. If you do not have an account, click "Create Account".

Having an account allows you to:

  • Apply for jobs that you are interested in and for which you meet the requirements.
  • Create a user profile that will match you to jobs that are currently advertised.
  • View the status of your previously submitted applications.
  • View your scheduled tests or test results.

Remember to visit daily, some positions are only posted for 24 hours!

Things to keep in mind when applying

  • Prior to applying, make sure to update your resume.
  • Pay particular attention to each job advertisement. You must demonstrate that you meet the essential education and experience qualifications (with concrete examples) or you will be screened out of the process.
  • Read through the entire job advertisement, as it may contain information on what to include with your application.
  • DO NOT send your application via e-mail to the contact listed on the job advertisement, unless the advertisement indicates that alternate forms of the application will be accepted (i.e. for mail or fax).
  • All applications must be received by the closing date indicated.
  • Applicants may call 1-888-780-4444, or TTY/TDD users (for hearing impaired / speech impaired persons) at 1-800-465-7735, for information on the nearest public internet access location.
  • If you are unable to access the Internet in your area, contact the nearest Public Service Commission of Canada office.

Once you have finished applying

If you meet the education and experience levels required for the job, you will be informed whether or not you have been "screened in" for further consideration.

If you have been screened in, the next steps will often be a written exam, an interview, and reference checks. You can be eliminated at any stage of this process. You will be notified of the decision at each stage of the process.

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If you require further assistance with the application process, please read the Public Service Commission’s information on how to apply section. However, if you have any questions please consult our Frequently Asked Questions tab or contact the Regional Recruitment Office in your area:

National Capital Region

(includes Nunavik Region)

(includes North West Territories)

(includes Nunatsiavut Region)

(includes Nunavut Region)

(includes Yukon)