Job profile - Correctional officer

Correctional Officers maintain the safety and security of federal penitentiaries. They monitor, supervise and interact with offenders. They regularly watch for signs that the safety of others or security of the institution might be at risk. When necessary, they take appropriate security measures.

As a Correctional Officer, you will conduct routine patrols and inmate counts. You will supervise inmate movement and escort inmates both inside and outside the institution. You will also search cells, offenders, visitors, vehicles, living units, and surrounding areas. If necessary, you will conduct security checks and perform other duties.

Other duties you may perform:

  • verify safety equipment
  • draft daily logs
  • submit reports
  • brief visitors, volunteers, and other criminal justice professionals who enter the institution

CSC institutions operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, you work in shifts, including some weekends and statutory holidays. You may also be required to work overtime on occasion.

We encourage Aboriginals and Visible Minorities to apply for these positions.