Our Partners

Making Diverse Relationships Work

A chaplain will help anyone who asks, including correctional staff and community volunteers.  But even our very talented chaplains can't do it all.  Each individual's spiritual path is unique, and it is our partnerships that complete the equation of effective ministry.  

National stakeholders

  • Interfaith Committee on Chaplaincy – A committee of religious bodies in Canada who act as a liaison between faith groups and the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC).  For example, the Interfaith Committee is crucial in the recruitment of chaplains across Canada. Read their MOU with CSC.
  • Church Council on Justice and Corrections – A national coalition of churches who emphasize addressing the needs of victims, healing, and crime prevention.  They are pioneers of the restorative justice approach.
  • Canadian Families and Corrections Network – The CFCN is an information network for families of offenders.  The Web site has some good resource materials for both adults and children, as well as resources for offenders themselves.
  • National Associations Active in Criminal Justice – Simply stated, the NAACJ's mission is to give a unified voice to its impressive list of member organizations and contribute to a just, equitable and effective justice system in Canada.

Within our own organization

At the Correctional Service of Canada, Chaplaincy Services often works in the following areas:

  • Restorative Justice – Restorative justice is an effective approach to justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by criminal behaviour.
  • Victims Services – Victims of crime deserve an effective voice in the criminal justice system.  They have the right to know about any parole hearings or release dates of the offender who harmed them, as per Section 26 of the CCRA.
  • Families of Offenders – Families often play an important role in an offender's successful integration back into society. Find information on services for families here, such as private family visits.
  • Circles of Support and Accountability – Once a pilot project in Southern Ontario in the 1990s, the success of this support group for sexual offenders is now near-legendary.  Today, CoSA groups are located in every Canadian province, several U.S. states, and several countries, such as England.

International stakeholders

  • International Commission of Catholic Prison Pastoral Care – An organization committed to bringing a greater awareness and sensitivity to the problems of people in prison and encouraging the growth of Catholic prison chaplaincies all over the world.
  • International Prison Chaplains Association – An organization that recognizes the institutional life of prison chaplains can sometimes isolate them from their faith communities.  The IPCA helps chaplains worldwide stay connected with some good resources and also a discussion forum.
  • Just.Equipping – A charity primarily focussed on educating and training developing nations in the area of restorative justice.