CORCAN would not be able to achieve its mandate without the strong involvement of public, not-for-profit, and private sector partnerships. Given the diverse nature of CORCAN's work, there are numerous ways that businesses can partner with us. In this section you will find information about potential partnership business models, as well as examples of current CORCAN partnerships.

CORCAN is able to accommodate the needs of clients by providing individual service. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss whether a partnership with CORCAN would result in a mutually beneficial agreement that would meet your needs and allow us to meet our mandate of providing real life work experience and training to offenders. Please contact CORCAN's Director of Corporate Affairs for more information. We look forward to working with you.

Government (Public sector)

CORCAN works in collaboration with other government departments to develop mutually beneficial partnerships for both parties. To support one another's mandates, CORCAN and other government departments can work together to meet the needs of specific projects and provide valuable training to offenders. Some current government partners of CORCAN include the Canadian Coast Guard, Agriculture Canada, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), and the Department of National Defence (DND).

Example: In 2012, offenders at Springhill Institution started to refurbish and paint 39 airport tow tractor vehicles for DND and the Canadian Forces. The process includes sanding, repairing parts, spray painting, and decaling. Additionally, the painting includes third-party certification from the Nova Scotia Community College - another asset for offenders to have when looking for work in the community.


Offenders are given opportunities to work or train in the community to support vocational training and/or apprenticeship programs. Examples of work conducted within this sector include Habitat for Humanity projects in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan that train offenders in the construction trades. With this, offenders are able to gain valuable skills through vocational training programs, and apply on-the-job training hours towards apprenticeships.

The partnership between CORCAN and Habitat For Humanity is an innovative collaboration which promises to make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life for many local families in need while giving offenders a sense of pride and genuine accomplishment as they give back to their community. Offenders gain skills in construction framing, cabinet making, workplace safety, and many other useful skill areas needed to gain employment in the construction field.

Private Sector

The Private sector is comprised of three types of agreements, including client-based agreements, supplier-based agreements, and combination client- and supplier-based agreements. Each agreement has its own function and different desired outcomes, as detailed below:

Client-based agreements

CORCAN has the versatility to accommodate a wide range of business partnerships. Client-based agreements are tailored to suit specific circumstances, from the provision of services such as design and space planning through to the operation of a partner business within one of our institutions or in the community. Examples of partners with whom CORCAN has this type of agreement include:

  • Louis Hebert Uniforms
  • Premiere Security Products (aka Mr Wrought Iron)
  • ZCL Composites
  • Lyman Lures

Supplier-based agreements

  1. Community employment model
    • CORCAN runs the operation and supplies all staff, while the client processes parolees' timesheets and bills CORCAN for the pay.
  2. Community Industries model
    • The client manages offenders and operations through an Operations Manager who pays offenders and manages day-to-day operations, while CORCAN provides support for financial transactions through a Business Manager. CORCAN directs what is made and in what quantities. The client bills CORCAN for offender pay and management fees.

Combination client-based and supplier-based agreements

  1. Model that includes hiring offenders on release.
  2. Model that does not include hiring offenders on release.

Example of a partner with whom CORCAN has this type of agreement:

  • Calstone Inc.