How CORCAN works with offenders

The CORCAN Employment and Employability Program (EEP) provides offenders with what they need to get and keep employment when they return to the community. It helps them:

  • acquire employment and employability skills
  • develop the pro-social attitudes and behaviours that are valued by employers
  • gain technical skills

Offenders can learn and then practice the skills and behaviours in real-life work environments like:

  • CORCAN supervised on-the-job training
  • employment assignments in other areas of Correctional Service Canada (CSC), or
  • with private industry partners

To help offenders achieve their reintegration objectives, CORCAN works with:

  • CSC operational sites
  • other government departments
  • community organizations, and
  • private industry

CD 735 Employment and Employability Program provides the framework for the offender opportunities outlined in this section.

Offenders who are employed in the community are three times less likely to reoffend. Thus, the program improves their chances of finding and maintaining sustainable employment as part of a safe and successful reintegration into the community.

The various parts of the program include:

Community employment services

Discover resources and information for both offenders and potential employers. Identify the role of employment coordinators.

On-the-job training

Learn about on-the-job training for offenders both in the institutions and at CORCAN community industries.

Essential skills training

Learn about the National Employability Skills Program. Discover how the program prepares offenders to find and maintain employment when they return to the community.


Get information about apprenticeships opportunities for offenders and the Red Seal Program.

Vocational Training

Learn about vocational training for offenders.

Want to learn more about how CORCAN skills training has made a real impact on offenders becoming law-abiding citizens? Check out our video on helping offenders find meaningful employment.

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