Corcan apprenticeships

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), which includes Corcan, provides employment experiences to offenders in areas that are in line with apprenticeship trades.

CSC works with the provincial governing bodies responsible for apprenticeship training, regulation and certification. This allows offenders to have the hours they work registered towards a trade. This complements Corcan and other areas in CSC that provide offenders with on-the-job training. It also helps offenders get the skills and certifications they need to secure a job upon their release.

We offer on-the-job skills training, both in our institutions and in Corcan community industries. Offenders who have taken this training have a wealth of skills and knowledge to contribute to your workplace. If you are an employer interested in providing offenders with the opportunity to continue earning their apprenticeships, please contact the manager of Employment and Employability.

To date, offenders are currently logging apprenticeship hours in:

  • British Columbia
  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
  • Quebec
  • New Brunswick

However, these offenders may be released to various locations across Canada. Apprenticeships complement the wider variety of employment skills training offered by CSC where offenders learn through on-the-job and vocational certifications. Here is a sample of some of the skills that offenders are attaining:

Pacific Region (British Columbia)

The Pacific Region has been working with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) in British Columbia for several years. In 2017/2018, over 508 offenders logged apprenticeship hours related to trades such as:

  • automotive refinishing prep technician
  • automotive service technician
  • cabinet maker
  • carpenter
  • construction craft worker
  • construction electrician
  • heavy duty equipment technician
  • millwright
  • industrial warehouse person
  • painter and decorator
  • professional cook
  • plumber
  • welder

Ontario Region (Ontario)

In 2017/2018, approximately 30 offenders earned apprenticeship hours in the following trades:

  • cabinet making
  • welding
  • automotive painting
  • carpentry
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • retail meat cutting
  • truck and coach technician
  • auto body repair
  • welding

The Ontario Region has made many advances in different institutions. For example, the Corcan Welding and Fabrication shop at Collins Bay Institution has been a Training Delivery Agent since January 2010. It offers Level 1 of the Welding Apprenticeship program to offenders. In 2011, this shop received approval to deliver Level 2 of the Welding Apprenticeship program.

Prairie Region (Saskatchewan and Alberta)

The Prairie Region is increasing the opportunities for offenders to earn apprenticeship hours in various trades including:

  • welding
  • carpentry
  • plumbing
  • auto technician

Corcan continues to work with the proper provincial authorities to enable more offenders to log hours toward an apprenticeship.

Atlantic Region (New Brunswick)

A few offenders are now logging apprenticeship hours in New Brunswick. In addition, the Atlantic Region is working with representatives of Nova Scotia (a member of the Atlantic Apprenticeship Council) towards providing apprenticeship training in Nova Scotia.

In 2017/2018 approximately 26 offenders earned apprenticeship hours in trades such as welding, carpentry and construction.

Quebec Region

In July 2018, the Quebec Region started providing opportunities for offenders to earn apprenticeship hours in trades such as plumbing and electrical qualification certificates. In addition, trades such as welding, auto body and drafting are also available through theoretical training and hours of work once the required lessons are completed.

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