Corcan vocational training

CORCAN, in collaboration with the Offender Programs and Reintegration Branch within CSC, offers a variety of vocational training initiatives to offenders across Canada. Vocational training is used to enhance the employability of offenders, and is required to be certified by a third party to ensure that once offenders are released, the certification will be recognized in the community.

The vocational training provided by CSC supports CORCAN in sustaining offender employment, and is linked to skills needed in the Canadian labour market. The goal of the training is to provide offenders with knowledge and skills that are transferable to the workplace. The following are examples of types of training provided to offenders:

Safety Training

In today's workplace, there is a very high level of attention given to Health and Safety Training. CORCAN provides safety training to offenders in areas such as WHMIS, First Aid, Fall Safety and Confined Space training to support institutional employment and assist offenders in being employment ready upon release.

Trades Training (Construction and Non-construction)

The Canadian labour market has seen an exponential growth in the trade industries in recent years. CORCAN offers vocational training in both construction and non-construction related fields in order to prepare offenders for jobs upon release. Many offenders have been successful in obtaining work in this industry because of their training and the increasing demand for trade jobs in the labour market.

Food Industry and Food Safety Training

Offenders are provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle food products, as well as the opportunity to obtain culinary skills that are a valuable asset to offenders seeking employment in the restaurant industry.

Pre-employment Training

Prepares offenders for the workplace by providing training in essential skills, including computer training, through a variety of programs including the National Employability Skills Program (NESP), an in-class program designed in partnership with the Conference Board of Canada to enhance skills related to communication, problem solving, managing information, positive attitudes and behaviours, adaptability and working with others.

Service Industry Training

Prepares offenders for diverse work in serving the public, managing with a certain level of responsibility, and developing numerous skills pertaining to common service practices including maintenance, shipping and receiving, and tourism.

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