CORCAN is a special operating agency within the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC). It offers the employment and employability program to federal offenders throughout their sentence, in collaboration with other areas of CSC.

CORCAN provides interventions and services for offenders, including:

  • on-the-job training
  • apprenticeship hours
  • vocational certifications, and
  • essential skills training

CORCAN services happen both during offenders' incarceration and while they are under community supervision. CORCAN also helps offenders find and keep employment by providing:

Services and information

History and overview of CORCAN

Find out how CORCAN operates and read about its history. Learn about CORCAN's five business lines and their role in the offender employment program.

How CORCAN works with offenders

Find information about on-the-job and vocational training, essential skills training, apprenticeships, and employment search services. Learn about the benefits to reintegration that this program offers.

The CORCAN catalogue

Order products and services available from CORCAN, including sales and special offers. Request information or a quote. Contact a sales representative.


Read about various partnerships established to contribute to the program. Learn more about our connections with Habitat for Humanity, other government departments, non-governmental organizations and private industry.

CORCAN research and reports

Find research and reports relating to offender reintegration and its connection to employment.

Success stories

Read stories about how the CORCAN employment program has helped offenders and the community.

CORCAN Advisory Board

Learn about the advisory board that provides advice to the CORCAN Executive Management Committee on a broad range of issues.

Contact information

Find key CORCAN contact information, including CORCAN's sales representatives.

Community industries

Learn how offenders earn valuable employment and employability skills. Find out about transitional employment and training offered at CORCAN community industries.

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