Women's Modular Intervention

The Women’s Modular Intervention targets women housed in secure units, who have been assessed as having a moderate to high risk of reoffending. The program consists of 15 separate modules. Five of the modules are designed specifically for Aboriginal women offenders. There is also an initial interview, a motivation for change session, and individual sessions after each module. Each module consists of 4 sessions. These are each 1 hour long. The modules can be delivered to small groups or individuals.

The program allows women to address their specific areas of need. They complete different modules based on their risk factors. Aboriginal women offenders may choose to complete the Aboriginal sessions and modules. These require the involvement of Aboriginal Elders. Other modules may be Elder assisted as well. This program is the first part of a broader continuum of care for women offenders housed in secure units. Part of the focus is to develop healing and self-management plans. These plans target relevant risk factors that are linked to criminal and/or problematic behaviours.