Women's Sex Offender Program

The Women’s Sex Offender Program targets women who have offended sexually. These women have been assessed as having a moderate or high risk of reoffending. Women who have a moderate risk of reoffending take this program. Those with a high risk of reoffending take it along with a moderate intensity program. The program consists of 59 group sessions and 7 individual sessions. Each session is 2 hours long.

A psychologist completes the specialized sex offender assessment for each woman in the program. This helps the program facilitator to set targets for each woman’s treatment. Throughout the program, the facilitator may consult with the psychologist for guidance on individual cases. Women may have additional counselling from the psychologist. The psychologist may also attend sessions or be included in individual sessions. This depends on the needs of each woman. For Aboriginal women, the program may be Elder assisted. At the very least, an Elder helps to identify treatment targets for them.

The focus of the program is for women to improve their ability to use skills and coping strategies they have learned. They have the chance to practice these skills as they continue to address behaviour linked to crime, and sexual offending. They also consider other problem areas like trauma, physical health problems, and relationship issues.