Beyond the Fence: A virtual tour of a Canadian penitentiary - Minimum-security range

Minimum-security institutions play an important role in the process of preparing offenders to safely return to the community. Correctional Officers are not armed, as inmates in these institutions have been deemed low risk. Here we are in a minimum-security institution, where inmates live in separate rooms and share a common kitchen and washroom. They are often responsible for preparing their own meals. Inmates in minimum-security have more say in structuring their schedule according to their programs. Only inmates who have met the criteria as defined in the law are placed in minimum-security institutions.


Minimum-security kitchenetteInmates living in minimum-security institutions have additional responsibility, such as preparing their own meals. The layout and structure may differ depending on various factors, such as when the institution was built. In this particular institution, several inmates live in the same unit with separate rooms, and share a common kitchenette. This helps inmates to budget and plan as they use a set allowance to stock the kitchen with the food they need to prepare their daily meals. In most cases, one inmate is the designated cook for the unit.